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Squirrel Tracks

9 September 1981
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I'm Relee and I'm a Squirrel from Canada.

I'm a graduate from Lambton College with a Computer Programmer Analyst diploma.

My Second Life Store: ATELIER

My Second Life Home

I have a catalogue of all the fiction I have published on my LiveJournal at this link.

I also have an account on FurAffinity for storing my Short Stories and occasional artistic endeavour; Please log-in and set your account to view adult materials to see all my works at:


I have an account on DeviantArt for storing my more tame works, and if you find your way into the scraps section there are even some irl pictures of me at:


I tend to represent myself in different forms online and irl. To assist people in knowing what to think of when thinking of me, I wrote up this group of descriptions of Relee.

I'm a very strange and kinky person. I have prepared two documents for people interested in erotic roleplay with me. They're also a great way to get to know me!

"Relee's TF Prefs" My Transformation Preferences for Transformation Roleplay!

"Relee's Other Kink Prefs" My Other Kink Preferences for General Erotic Roleplay!

"Relee's Kinky Fantasies" Some of My Specific Kinky Fantasies for Roleplay!