May 30th, 2008

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The Continuing Saga of "Saga"

I mentioned it a couple weeks ago, some download site was offering up free copies of this MMORTS game Saga.

It's pretty lame and has a lot of issues and I feel sorry for anyone who paid for this game, but I still keep turning it on every day and fiddling with my little town.

Let me explain how this game works. When you start off, you make a kingdom, and you get a bunch of human units, a behemoth (bipedal elephant) and a battering ram. This is the same starting unit group for all five kingdoms; humans are universal units in this game. To get more units, you have to buy booster packs from the company, or trade cards with other players, or buy them for in-game resources, which is really expensive. The system for trading cards and buying items is beyond terrible. You can only filter by kingdom for units and weapon type for items, not level or power or stats or anything else, so you have to personally sift through over ten thousand entries that you don't need or want just to realize there's nothing worth buying.

I still haven't figured out how to find other people to do PvP with, even though it's supposed to be the backbone of this game. There's a campaign but the missions are pretty lame. The units are sorta cool but you only start with a bunch of humans, the cool units are mostly the ones trying to kill you.

But the thing I keep playing with is the 'base'. In RTS games I like to turtle, my favorite thing is to make an invincible base. I also love Tower Defense games. On top of that I like more peaceful types of games, where war isn't a big issue; I don't have to go attack enemy nations, I just live peacefully and defend my borders. This base of theirs isn't that good. You have pesants you can assign to certain jobs, and over the course of the day you get resources from them. You can use those resources to build resource gathering buildings, houses for your peasants, towers and walls for defense, and a unviersity for upgrades. As you go through the campaign you can unlock borderlands that you can develop, but other players can raid. I'm not sure how that works either.

But the thing is, I'm enjoying turning it on every day, seeing my little castle-town growing, gathering resources and that sort of thing.

It's just, it could be so much BETTER.

I was surprised, at first it was frustrating 'cause I'm the sort of person who likes to play for a few hours and get a lot done, but this is a real 'waiting' game, you can only do so much a day 'cause of your resources. I mean, you can go questing and PvPing (supposedly) but your town develops slowly. After a couple days of not using it I started going back and building up my town, and it's got over a hundred villagers now. It gets about four villagers a day.

I really think that this could be something fun to do as a daily pass-time; a daily fantasy kingdom. You log on, deal with your stuff, and it goes off on its own. Maybe you could even leave it alone for longer periods if you wanted.

I'm curious if anybody knows of any games like that, that are already around? I've seen banner ads for some 'build a village' flash game, but I dunno if that's any good. And there's a lot of play-by-day web-site games, but I don't know much about them.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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