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Work Post - Squirrel Tracks

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February 14th, 2017

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04:35 pm - Work Post
1:01pm - Here I am again at the McDonalds. Hopefully I won't spend as much today. I had the small meal when I got here and I'm pretty much satisfied.

I've been thinking about my game and it's hard to pick a good place to start, but I'm thinking I'll need to do the 3D modelling of a basic space station elevator town. I had originally thought to build something directly in the Unity editor, but I think this will be good practice for when I make the actual model, and it'll be more representative of what the actual model will look like.

3D modelling is something I'm an amateur at but hopefully I'll be able to produce something useful and functional.

I'm still having trouble deciding on scale though, and in particular the 'bigger on the inside' principle of design bothers me. The idea is pretty simple, you don't want to have a world to scale, because it would take forever to get anywhere, so you make the houses small and figurative, and when you go indoors the space inside is maybe four times as big as the outside. Most games do this, and there are more reasons than I mentioned to do it. But some games do go for the 'everything is to scale' style. A good example is The Sims, where house building and house realism are key.

Part of the issue with my setting is that the game takes place on a space hab, and after talking with various people I came to the conclusion it's unlikely that people will have individual kitchens and prepare food at home. So, the people will have apartments instead of houses. They'll each decorate and personalize their apartments of course. I'm not sure if the apartments should be on the same level as the farmlands/wildlands or not. I guess that at least can be changed later on. For now I'll put them on the same level as the farmlands/wildlands.

I was thinking of having the area around the spoke elevator be a kind of citadel and community center. I'm not sure if I want to put the apartments there or on the edge of the habitation ring. Hmm... I was thinking I'd have the NPCs work on the station, besides just living there. Maybe they should get an apartment on the edge if they're a farmer and an apartment in the citadel if they work in the businesses there? Hmm... It's tough to decide.

2:43pm - I ended up talking with the guys, mostly Elix, and he encouraged me to stop focusing so much on the setting and focus on the gameplay elements, after I had complained that trying to shoehorn my gameplay ideas into the setting was getting away from the game design I wanted to make. So I guess I should look at that design in more broad terms. But first I need a break.

4:35pm - I took a break, then I took a break from that break because it was too stressful, then I took a break, and now I'm broken and just want to go home, so I will. Alas.

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