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February 8th, 2017

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06:55 am - Work Post
3:04am - I'm down at the McDonalds again. Not sure what I'm going to do, though. I came out because I was feeling so antsy and frustrated at home, and I didn't want to do anything. But that hasn't particularly changed. My friends were hoping getting out of the apartment would help. Maybe I should've just kept walking? But I don't like walking around on a dark wet night by myself.

I did bring along my 360 controller in case I want to play more GBA games, which I'm thinking is probably what I'll do.

In Fire Emblem (7) I've continued what seems to be a very long tutorial, which has quite a bit of story and begs the question of what it'll do for the real game. There are so many classes in this game! I've got two guys who are the same class, and everybody else is something different. I expect I'll be consolidating a lot of the classes into individual characters for the player's party in World of Thardomhainn but maybe for the baddies I'll keep the highly focused strategic unit types with clear weaknesses.

Consolidating the classes means each character can do more than one thing, but they still can only do one or two things at a time. My game should be pretty different from Fire Emblem (7).

4:06am - One problem with Fire Emblem (7) and I imagine the whole Fire Emblem series is the permadeath. It adds a bit of realism I suppose, but for me all it does is mean when one of my units dies unneccesarily I have to restart the fight. ^.^;;

That's doubly frustrating when I've been fighting one battle for like an hour...

4:45am - There we go, I completed that mission with no casualties. At least none on my side. I wonder if I'm still 'researching' though. Eh...

5:35am - Man, I got through that mission fine but then I made a big mistake and fought the boss with the main character. I thought it would work since she had an Armourslayer sword, which can pierce his special armour, but I forgot the weapon triangle; he was equipped with a lance. He dodged my sword and one shot my leader. I'll have to do the whole mission over again. ^.^;;

But that will have to wait for later. I've been playing Fire Emblem (7) for over two hours now and I'm tired of it.

The latest elements added to the game are weather and a class that's immune to normal iron weapons. The weather is interesting. The first was fog, making a literal fog of war, though it didn't seem to hinder the enemy at all. The second was rain, which comes and goes in the mission I was just playing, and while it's raining your units move speed is lowered; dramatically for cavaliers.

There's a lot of good ideas in this game. I've thought about reading about them in faqs and wikis but I think the only way to really understand them is to play this game, and the other strategy RPG type games I've gotten.

6:54am - Well it's almost seven in the morning so I guess I'd better go home. I didn't really do much besides play video games, but at least I made some progress on that at least.

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