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February 1st, 2017

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08:25 pm - Work Post
6:55pm - I'm down at the McDonalds again. I convinced myself to go out by saying "I really want fish, and they have fish sandwiches at McDonalds." Boy are they expensive for what you get, though. Geez.

Anyways I screwed around a long time watching videos but I think I'm ready to get back to work.

7:00pm - I'm doing a bit on the right side of the screen now, where I have the character generation and progression file open. I need to figure out what a unit's stats are going to be and how they interact so I can define what the equipment does, like weapons and armour.

I'm thinking that Armour will decrease your strength and speed stats, because you have to lug the heavy armour around, but I'm not sure what kind of bonus will offset that.

8:24pm - I spent most of my time talking with my friend Zephon about various ideas I have, trying to flesh them out. But I haven't come to any conclusion. I might need more research.

For now I'm going home to play with another friend.

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