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August 24th, 2016

05:16 am - Work Post
3:52am - I'm at the McDonalds tonight, which is open 24 hours. It's very convenient. I'm planning to do another of those Tutorials I had been working on, but I've already been out here for almost an hour, between watching fights from One Piece and watching a 20 minute vid on the decline and ultimate death of Bleach.

So let's see... First I'll open up Unity I guess, and open the tutorial...

4:07am - Okay I got them both open. I'm a little strung up right now. Breath in, breath out.

4:17am - This isn't as easy as I was hoping it'd be. I'm spending most of my time nattering on about Anime with Kanada. But that's just an escape, it's not like turning off the chat would help, I'd just escape into something else. What I need is to not try to escape in the first place.

4:31am - See now Kanada stopped responding so I escaped into Reddit instead. I'm not having a good time here. ^.^;;

I suppose part of the problem I've got is that I'm not sure I need any more of these tutorials for my game, I'm just completing them for completion's sake, and maybe to push back doing the hard stuff on my game. Like, this tutorial is about randomly generating terrain. I don't plan on using randomly generated terrain, I'm planning to use a hand sculpted landscape in a tool I need to create first.

Tutorial 7 might be important though, it's about loading and deleting chunks as they enter and leave the player's range.

Hmm... I don't know if I should do that from this tutorial or figure it out on my own.

5:04am - Back to talking with Kanada. I'm also getting tired for real so I'll probably end up going home without doing any actual coding...

I should wrap up my thoughts before I go home though.

Basically I'm at the point where I should start working on my own adaptation of the tech from the tutorials. I need to make it so that the cubes can be pyramids or complex slopes, and I need to make a tool to sculpt the world. I might actually use some randomization despite what I said, but at this point I intend to put the player in a sculpted, same as every other player world, with some clear progression.

Hmm... That said, I should try to keep things simple to start with, and make my tool and the game expandable, rather than trying to do everything from the start. Gotta remember the lessons I've learned. I should make a working 'game' as quick as possible, and expand it until it's what I want. That way if something goes wrong I can spot it early and fix it. Fail faster and all that.

Anyways I'm glad to the guy who wrote the tutorials I've been using. If you missed them before and want to check them out yourself they're here: http://alexstv.com/

For now I'm going home. I may not have coded but I thought a lot, and that's progress.

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August 14th, 2016

06:32 pm - Work Post and No Man's Sky
2:23pm - Well somehow I managed to tear myself away from No Man's Sky and come out to the McDonalds to work. It wasn't easy. No Man's Sky's one more site is like Civilization's one more turn. It's a shame the game's getting panned so hard by critics and some fans. All my close friends and I have been having a blast. Last time I checked, my friend Zephon hadn't left his starting system after playing for at least a day's worth of gaming, maybe two. I think he said the system had three planets, and he's got them almost fully explored. He even said he had over a hundred fifty words and a 25 slot multitool. It's taken me days to get the 170~ words I've gotten in the game's languages, and I've traveled to at least eight star systems, and I've only got a, um, was it twelve or thirteen slots on my Multitool? I forget...

Notable things I've found: Giant Creatures like in the trailer, Lush planets, Barren planets, *holds up hands* Aliens, Christmas, A living pudding species I called Flan (On planet Christmas), Adorable Babies, Trees, The Secret Mystery of the Hidden Clue, and an AtlasPass v1.

Spoiler CutCollapse )

So far I'd say No Man's Sky is most like a cross between Fallout 4 and Evochron, with less combat. More fun than either of those two though, imo.

For some reason TotalBiscuit and Jim Sterling don't like it? I feel for the people who the game isn't working for but I don't know any of them. I haven't played Arkham Knight yet but either it was way better than people say or they're reviewing No Man's Sky worse than it deserves.

2:48pm - That's enough about No Man's Sky. On to the work I came to do. Specifically, I'm following a tutorial on Serializing, saving, loading, and Un-Serializing voxel chunks in Unity.

3:43pm - Alright! Tutorial 5 is done. No idea if any of the code I just copied actually works, but it should in theory!

It's hard to believe that only took an hour. I feel like I've been working so long! Perhaps unsurprisingly I'm going to take a break and play more NMS before trying Tutorial 6, which is all about generating terrain via noise.

6:26pm - Man time flies when you're having fun, but since I'm back here I guess that means it's time for another tutorial...

6:28pm - Hmm... I'm trying to read the tutorial but I just noped right away from it. :/

I would really rather play more No Man's Sky, but... Mmmph... I just don't know. I already did one tutorial today. I really should be able to work through another, but the impetus is lacking.

The next tutorial isn't even really that long, but I get the feeling it would take another hour to work through anyway.

Erf. Yeah, I'm not gonna do the next tutorial today. I'll go home and maybe come out tomorrow and do another one.

Soon I'll be out of Tutorials, then I've gotta modify what I've made to fit my own project. That'll be interesting.

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August 10th, 2016

09:28 pm - Work Post
2:55pm - I'm working at the McDonalds again. Overall it's been a pretty good place to work, as long as I have my earplugs in. So much beeping! The flies are annoying, but they had bugs at the Williams too. I still wonder why they banned bug zappers in restaurants. The best thing about McDonalds though is that the food is cheaper and tastes better. I just had a fantastic garden salad that was surprisingly big and lush and fresh. I might just get one of those next time and skip the McDoubles, those li'l sandwiches are yummy but bad for you.

So far there are at least three machines broken in the restaurant though. One of the manual order terminals, the shake and ice cream machine, and one of the two drink machines. I wonder how so many things could go wrong at once.

Another plus though is that the AC is nice and cool. There's a heat warning in effect today and I'm perfectly comfy in here right now.

I've got a lot of stress and anxiety on my plate today. Besides my usual I've also got a bit of stress from my Pathfinder game tonight. Two of my players have been having issues with eachother and I'm not sure if one of them is going to quit or not. Additionally the players are zooming through the content I have prepared and that means I have to draft new maps for the next dungeon soon, and it's been long enough since I did the first dungeons that I don't remember how to use the tool I was using before. ^.^;;

3:17pm - Despite being out here I'm having a hard time getting started. Emotionally I'm conflicted. I'm very close to trying a game for a bit to relax before continuing.

4:33pm - I haven't touched the tutorial since I opened it. I've been naughty and went on F-list at the McDonalds. No fappin' but RPin'. I'm also talking with some friends on Discord. It's all keeping me too distracted to focus on the work I came here to do. ^.^;;

4:51pm - I have now touched the tutorial. It's still stressing me out a bit but I read through some of it, and I might try working on it while I play.

7:54pm - Well I've run out of time and barely touched the tutorial. I did start it at least, but I didn't finish it. I spent the whole afternoon playing with a new friend and an old friend. Alas. Now I have to go home and make a big pot of pasta, then GM my Pathfinder game.

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August 7th, 2016

07:39 pm - Work Post
2:03pm - I'm going to try and do another Tutorial today. As soon as I can pull myself away from these Honest Trailers by Smosh on YouTube. He even did the Warcraft Trilogy! XD

2:13pm - Really hard to pull myself away. Eventually.

2:28pm - That was a lot of distraction. Wow.

So! Tutorials.

2:45pm - Blast it, more youtube distraction... At least I have the tutorial open now...

3:07pm - Okay finally I've put youtube to MUSIC like I INTENDED to an HOUR ago and I can get down to business.

3:40pm - I was just struck out of the blue with the idea to check YouTube for any Let's Plays of Magical Vacation, and it turns out there's a fan translation of it! I'll have to look it up after work.

Speaking of work it's going well enough. Slow but sure. I'm mostly just copypasting code and reading what it does and how it works. So far it seems pretty good, but I'll probably have to modify the blocks to use more triangles. This one only uses two triangles for each side, and I want to have a variety of potential shapes on my voxels. Ramps and pyramids and things like that, maybe even divots.

4:23pm - Tutorial 3 completed. I could call it a day and go home now but I've been dissatisfied with the quantity of work I've been doing lately. Well, that might always be the case... but really, only doing one or two hours of work is pretty cheap I think. Especially compared to all the work I did back when I was in school, spending almost every night working hour after hour on my school projects. Why should I be able to work so hard then and not now?

Well, mental illness isn't fair, but at least I can try to push my boundaries. That said, it might be a good idea to give in to distraction for 30-60 minutes to refresh myself before moving on. Hmm... We'll see what I do.

4:44pm - Ahh poo the net just died. I hope it comes back.

6:21pm - Played Kingdom for a while, maybe an hour? Maybe a little more. Just got some more food at the McDonalds. Gonna get back to that second tutorial now.

7:38pm - Okay I've done a second tutorial and the voxel engine is coming together. I'm feeling spent though so I'm going to head home.

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August 6th, 2016

02:27 pm - Work Post
1:26pm - Man, I almost forgot to do my Work Post again. Yesterday I worked for like an hour and a half, doing the first Unity Voxel Tutorial. Today I'm doing the second one, though I'm finding myself up against a wall of stress and anxiety again. Very frustrating.

2:17pm - Alright, another tutorial done.

2:26pm - And now another potty break done. Actually I think I'm going to head home. It was aroud 11:30 when I came out to the cafe and I've got a tutorial done. That's enough for a weekend day I think. I hope.

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August 4th, 2016

11:07 am - Work Post
9:12am - Well, yesterday was awful. I spent the whole day depressed and in bed, pretty much. Robby comforted me some and that was nice, but I had a lot of bad stuff run through my head over the course of yesterday. And of course the night flew by and I didn't take my meds, which is only going to make things worse. I've convinced myself I'll take my meds and a nap during the day today after doing some work here at the cafe. I needed to get out of the apartment while I could.

So here I am. I'm going to do the only thing I can think of and continue Unity's Roll A Ball tutorial.

10:12am - The internet just cut out, conveniently one hour from when I started. So far the tutorial is going well. Unity is as easy to use as I remember. Hopefully I'll be able to understand the more advanced tutorials when I try them, after this.

11:01am - Well, Roll A Ball is done. I'm going to mess around with some of the options, then head home.

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July 31st, 2016

12:22 pm - Work Post
10:33am - Well I'm out at the cafe again. My sleep schedule has been beyond messed up. It seems like lately I'm just drifting in and out of sleep at random times. It's not healthy for me. :/

Anyways I came out here to work, not to whine. Today I'm going to go over the Unity "Roll a Ball" tutorial, which looks like a great improvement on their earlier 'easy' tutorials. This one doesn't even use any assets that need to be imported, like models, animations, textures or sounds. Just geometric primitives and planes. Of course that means it doesn't teach asset importing or use, but that can come in a later tutorial. <3

11:23am - The tutorials are going swimmingly. I'm only a little bit stressed out so far, and I'm already about an hour in.

11:56am - I may have underestimated how stressed I was. It's been over a half hour and I haven't started the next tutorial. I'm a bit conflicted on what I want to do, if I want to continue working on the tutorials or write something. I don't know why I'd want to write something... Maybe to relieve stress? Bleh.

12:21pm - Fully an hour later and I haven't done anything else, and I think I'm spent. So I'm going to head home for now. Who knows, maybe I'll feel better later and come out to the cafe again? Stranger things have happened.

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July 29th, 2016

11:33 am - Work Post
8:47am - Maybe it'll help me calm down and focus if I make a work post. That'd be nice. I'm at the cafe trying to force myself to work, but I'm suffering a lot of depression and anxiety issues. Today I'm planning on going through some Unity tutorials to get myself used to that engine again before I try out the voxel engine tutorials I found.

I feel like a horse is sitting on me though. :/

8:54am - By way of distracting myself from my stress for a little bit, I'll mention I've been considering working on that story I was poking at a few months ago again. Well, the general proto-story has been in my head for years by this point, but it lacks just about everything, it's just a concept really.

Thinking about it is my way of exploring the possibilities of the future. I was thinking recently about the probable locations of space habitats in the future. There's a lot to consider when plotting out a space habitat. Most people figure the habs will be built in the Asteroid Belt, which makes some sense. There's a lot of resources out there, people will want to collect them, they'll want to live near their work, they'll want to have their families live with them, their families will need a social infrastructure, BAM full habitat. So there will probably be habs out in the Asteroid belt. But, the asteroid belt is relatively far from the sun, compared to the Earth and even Mars. The closer you are to the sun the more energy you can collect from it per square unit of collector. Technically speaking this means the belters just need bigger collectors, and they certainly have the raw materials, but I think this fact will bring some, perhaps many habitats closer to the sun. I figure most habitats will be within the Goldilocks Zone of the solar system, since then you don't need as much energy for heating and cooling, it balances out. Out near the gas giants, you'd have to use plenty of your collected energy just keeping water wet, and you'd need a massive solar array. It might happen that near-sun habitats, or even closer non-habitat solar arrays, will send energy supplies to distant stations, either stored in some manner or beamed directly, though that's dangerous. Well, they might beam to a substation instead of directly at the hab...

Anyways it all makes me wonder where in the solar system the Polyglot station should be. I suppose it doesn't matter that much, since I don't need to reference the location of the station in the story. But it's something I like to think about. Another possibility I didn't mention above is orbital habitats. These could be in a lot of places. In orbit around the Earth or Moon or another planetoid, or in the lagrange points of those objects. Being in constant orbit of a planetoid has plusses and minuses. There is a certain defensive bonus to being in orbit around a planet, since it's a fricking huge thing in the way of incoming fire. There's an energy minus, however, since the fricking huge thing will block out your sun for a quarter of your orbit. Orbital habs will happen though for various reasons including harvesting and transmitting solar power and constructing spacecraft. There'll probably be a space elevator or two as well. It seems reasonable that if we can build one we should be able to put another one on the opposite side of the planet, right?

At least the Moon will have a space elevator. I've read that the Earth's gravity well is a little too strong for a space elevator cable to not collapse under its own weight, let alone whatever weight we want it to elevate. But, the gravity wells on the Moon and Mars are weak enough that we should be able to make cables with current technology. I read that like ten years ago, though, before everybody got crazy with carbon nanofibers, so who knows what we can do now.

9:21am - Anyways I've been dicking around thinking about space for long enough that I've calmed down; for the moment. I'm going to try and watch the Getting Started video that came with the Unity dev kit.

10:09am - Alright I watched all the basics tutorals for Unity to refresh myself and learn about new features. Now I'm going to take a break.

I should mention that it's uncomfortably warm in here and I might not stay much longer...

10:16am - After going to the washroom I should mention that it seems to be only this area of the cafe that is uncomfortably warm, the rest of the cafe is nice and cool. Especially the washroom. It might just be that the sun is shining on this side of the building, or maybe the vents are blocked. Who knows?

For now I'm going to try and relax for a bit before digging deeper into Unity.

11:24am - Well I spent some time playing a game, but now it's back to work I guess.

11:31am - The first Unity Tutorial looks easy enough but I'm finding myself not wanting to do it now. I've been out for over three hours now and although I spent over an hour of that just playing a game, I feel drained. I'm not sure what else I'll do today but for now I'm going to pack up and leave the cafe.

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July 24th, 2016

09:51 pm - Work Post
8:37pm - Man the last few days have been hard. I feel pinned to the bed until it's too late to do anything but video games. Today my roommate Robby got me up for burgers and that gives me enough time to come out to the cafe and do a little work for maybe an hour or so.

So I have two things to do today. I'll start out by looking to see if there's any support for Voxel games in Unity, which I've never actually checked out before. Then I'll start going through the things I need my engine to do, as suggested by this article.

8:46pm - Well apparently there actually is a lot of info for making voxel games in Unity, so maybe I don't need to make a whole engine from scratch. I should still try to figure out what the game needs to do though, by doing a walkthrough of the planned gameplay. At least for the basics. Everybody says that you shouldn't plan too much since your plans will change as development goes on and features come and go and you find out where the fun is.

8:56pm - I was finally about to write down what the game would be like, and then I felt paralyzed. :/ Very frustrating. It's not bad enough being stuck in bed thinking about what I want to do but unable to do it, now that I've come out to the cafe I'm still struggling to do even simple things like reading and writing. :/

9:02pm - I turned on Discord in the hopes my friends could give me some quick encouragement but it looks like they're either busy or distracted; nobody is responding right now. Alas.

Mmm... Maybe instead of going over the game in detail in my files, I'll write it in general here on LJ and then take that and make it more specific. That might be easier than just going for the most fine detail right from the start.

So, here we go...

The game starts with an eyecatch probably, showing who made what parts and all the IP stuff. Press start to skip over it, or enter I guess, or a mouse click.

Next up is the main menu. I'd like to have a "Continue" button that loads your most recent save, a "Load Game" button for loading previous saves, and a "New Game" button, plus a "Quit" button in case you loaded the game by accident, or something. So that means I need buttons.

Let's suppose you press new game. This is where the feces becomes corporeal. Hmm...

Character creation. This is basically a God Game, so this is where you create your avatar.

9:51pm - Oh poop, out of time. Gotta go.

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July 10th, 2016

12:26 am - Bed Post
9:47pm - No cafe post today, I woke up at around eight pm and now that I'm fully 'up' it's too late to go out. I don't know why I slept so long...

I've been pretty depressed lately. Mostly for no reason, but partly because I haven't been getting anything accomplished. More and more I'm thinking this second game project idea is a bad one. It's stressing me out as much as the main one and it's quickly becoming just as hard to deal with. So, I think I should go back to just working on my Ecology/God Game... But then that puts me back in the soup I started in.

I thought for a while about doing something entirely different for a while, and writing a story, but right now I've got no story to tell. I haven't been very active in the erosphere and I've got no porn to write, and I've got no interesting ideas for non-porn either. That's part of why I didn't go into making RPGs. Simulations mostly make their own stories.

As for tonight, well, I have no idea what to do with myself. I was hoping if I started writing in my journal I'd be struck by some kind of inspiration, but I don't really want to do anything. I just want to not do nothing... Which is a difficult state to be in.

12:25pm - I guess I did nothing until I fell asleep, or maybe I just didn't do anything for almost three hours. Geez, so much for not wanting to do nothing...

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